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8 Weeks From Heartbreak to Wholeness

An online course that supports and guides you as you consciously heal after heartbreak.

This course will equip you with the guidance, wisdom, and support you need to mend your relationship to Self post-breakup. You’ll acquire tools to move through your grief, reconnect to your true nature, and break toxic dating patterns once and for all.

In addition to helping you heal from your last relationship, this course will also help you make better romantic decisions in the future. You’ll have a deeper understanding of how your psychology, attachment style, and past wounds influence your romantic decisions so you can break free from negative patterns and create a happier love life.

“Finally, the daughter returns to the kingdom from which she came, just as the old stories say, changed, vibrant, and married to her soul.”

Martin Shaw

A breakup is an opportunity to evolve. But many of us waste our breakups.

It’s so easy to spiral into negative thinking, feeding old stories of abandonment and unworthiness. We wait for closure, ruminate on what we did wrong, feel full of doubt, and blame ourselves for what happened.

I know it’s easy to think you’ll never find someone again or that your chance at happiness is gone. But if you see this experience as an opportunity to raise the bar, cultivate self-confidence, and walk away from what no longer serves you – it’s not a breakup, it’s a breakthrough.

I believe the way we end one relationship sets the tone for the way the next one starts. It's crucial to take the time to learn from our pain instead of rushing to escape it.

This course is an invitation to consciously move deeper into your wounds so you can heal them once and for all.

After completing the course, you’ll have a much deeper insight into what wounds you’ve been carrying and what qualities you need in your next partner to feel safe. You’ll go from pain and doubt to excitement and hope.

You might even feel relief and wonder why you were giving so much time and energy to someone who couldn’t reciprocate.



Breakup or Breakthrough?

Step out of a victim mindset, take responsibility for your life, bring awareness to destructive patterns, and reclaim power over your narrative.


The Departure: The Call to Adventure

Identify what has been holding you back and open yourself up to the possibility of growth and change. Face old fears and decide between the pain of staying where you are and the pain of growth.


The Initiation: Trials and Tribulations

Step into your power. Let go of patterns, behaviors, people, fantasies, or attitudes that no longer serve you.


Creation After Death

Use creation as an antidote to destruction and restore your creativity.


Reclamation of Self

Who are you behind the mask? Reclaim the parts of yourself you’ve rejected. Learn to sit in stillness to hear the voice within.


The Neuroscience Behind Heartbreak: Why It Hurts

Rewire your brain to speed up the healing process and bring awareness to unconscious habits and addictions.


Our Inner Child: Back to the Original Wound

Confront the past to heal your wounded self and break toxic dating patterns once and for all.


The Return: The Road Back

Envision and prepare for your best relationship yet.

This Course Includes:

Pre-recorded weekly video lessons
Journal prompts
Practical exercises to help guide you deeper into the process
Actionable steps toward healing

This course is for people who:

Want to heal consciously
Want to stop repeating unhealthy relationship patterns
Want to rebuild confidence and self-worth after a breakup
Are willing to make necessary changes

This course will help you:

Heal consciously from your heartbreak
Move through your grief
Find meaning in your suffering
Reinvent yourself
Reconnect to your creativity
Break toxic dating patterns
Identify and heal core wounds
Understand the neuroscience of your grief


When does the course start?

You will have access to the course immediately after you purchase it. You’ll receive a login link to the client portal where you can access the course.

How much does the course cost?

$225. If you would like the option to spread out your payment over 4 months for $56.25 per month, please click here.

Is this a live course?

The videos are pre-recorded.

Does the course expire?

You will have access to the material forever.

Do I have to finish the course in 8 weeks?

It’s important to keep momentum but feel free to move through the course at your own pace.

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